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Logo Portfolio

Logo's are an important element to every business. It is a critical link for your customers to you or to your products. Below is a portfolio of some of the logo's we have designed for other companies and a brief description of our process behind each unique design.

Perspective Media & Marketing

Yes, we designed our own logo! We had already decided on the name of our business and wanted to express that visually in the best way possible. On the outer edge we placed camera aperture blades in white or black. This connects to the media side of our business. The gradient colored "P" in the center speaks to our name Perspective. This company was built to serve our clients with a new perspective for their company and products. 

Perspective Logo, Black Background
Perspective Logo, White Background

Kyli's Bakery

This local baker has been making cakes for various parties and events, but most recently his macron's have been making waves. He wanted a logo that was fun and highlighted his new endeavor. He also was a fan of graffiti art so we developed a vibrant and fun logo to speak to his growing customer base. 

Kylis Bakery Logo_Black.png
Kylis Bakery Logo_White.png

Sugar Strand Hair

A local extension specialist and stylist came to us wanting something fresh to put on her business cards. Taking the name and her business specialty in hair, we created a design of two overlapping S's in the shape of hair. An early version of this design actually based the hair on one of her social media pictures, and as it evolved and simplified, it became a perfect fit for her brand. The pink was based on her favorite color.

Sugar Strand Hair, Black Background
Sugar Strand Hair, White Background

Mauri Boragine Personal Training

We put this logo together for a good friend who does personal training. She loves the mountains and we knew that would be a centerpiece to her logo. We experimented a little with snow capped mountains but landed on the "M" which was the perfect centerpiece for the logo. And to give a little pop of color, we added the gradient colored sun behind the mountains.

Mauri Boragine Personal Training, Black Background
Mauri Boragine Personal Training, White Background
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